Man-runes from the Amur river basin

Comments by Alexander Dugin

(Excerpt from the book "The Mysteries of Eurasia")

Solar primordial Man runes from the regions of the Amur river. Last traces of the Great Siberian Empire. These are not the naive paintings of the "cave" realist artists, incapable of exact reproduction of their subject, but primordial hieroglyphs containing in themselves the absolute synthesis of the wisdom of North. They are sigils of the sole sacral doctrine, of which all historical mythologies and religio-cultural forms are but the material expansion.

"Celtic cross" (fig. 1 and 2) - representing the space-time continuum, hieroglyph of cycle.
Ithyphallic anthropomorphic figure points to the spring ascension of "Lux Mundi" in the East.
Hair of the man-year - solar beams of the summer solstice.
Man-cross of sacral year.
Five-pointed star - symbol of the Great Mother, and of the primal Aryan homeland (its sacral equivalent is palm, hand).
Man runes (fig. 7, 8 and 9).
"The Cosmic Saviour", with arboreal roots and solar wheels.
Odal rune - loop, fish, drop, seed, winter solstice, "God's breath".
Cruciform, horned "monsters" - sign of the year's 12 month divison.

The study of the sacral paleography of Siberia reveals the keys to the general paradigm of primary symbolical knowledge. Throughout his life Herman Wirth dreamt of such research, unrealized in his own time due to understandable political reasons.

  Translation: A.B.
  Proof-reading: f.d.s.